Posted By: Gandien on 05-21-03 @ 01:05:46  
  All I have to say is FUCK YOU RZtW, and FUCK YOU SoE for this pile of shit encounter. What a buggy ass zone, what a PoS buggy script. FINALLY, after dealing with this PoS for longer than I care to, after beating our heads against an unbeatable bugged script for two weeks, after multiple zone crashes on the boss mob and being told by the GM's "Sorry, nothing I can do"..... this bitch has had his pillowcase shit in (TM Talbayne).

I look forward to new and even more buggy scripts in the elemental planes where no matter how much you do it right, the game is here to prove that it will screw you just because it can.

All of CB should be proud, we stuck it out (most of us anyway) and saw this through till victory and all felt the sense of accomplishement that comes from putting in the work and coming out on top!! Everyone did a fantastic job (nobody screwed up) and low and behold... we won! The plan worked

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  Posted By: Fazin on 05-09-03 @ 02:05:19  
  So like, it's been awhile since the last update. A little too long. Now to break the ice, I'll use this:

Really, I have no clue either so don't ask.

Anyway, we've been doing the Rallos thing lately. We haven't beaten it (believe me I'm going to tell your god damn whole family and their pets when we do), but Bise has this to say about getting rampaged:

We've come a long way, and anyday now we'll be zerging elemental planes as happy as can be.

To end this very fun and uninformative update, I'll leave you with this brilliant piece of wisdom from none other then Talb (really, only talb could be in a news update twice.):
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  Posted By: Gandien on 03-29-03 @ 15:03:42  
  I would love to post pictures of Aten Ha Ra on our news page.... Oh WAIT, I have and I am again.... But I'm not going to whine about how we fail when someone else is merely *watching* us fight a mob then saved the trouble of having to coffin out so some rifts can be ninja'd.... but I digress.

Grats to CB's Late Night Crew on sticking it out and completing Vex Thal in a matter of hours instead of 2 days. Not one single wipe or failure and very few to no deaths on boss encounters. Does this qualify as 9 successfull raids?

Last nights raid was awesome and I know we all had a blast!! Grats to the winners of a ton of new loots.

I dont update the news for every kill like I used to but for those keeping track or score here are this months statistics: 58 boss mob kills 141 drops handed out, an average of 2 kills a day and 4.86 items handed out a day in March so far.

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  Posted By: Fazin on 03-21-03 @ 13:03:50  
  I can't really give a description for this one, but... well... here it is (Dalph is our resident smart ass if you're wondering).
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  Posted By: Fazin on 03-18-03 @ 09:03:34  
  So like, what the hell :\ No one has bribed me to not post some neat little snippet of a bad tell, etc of them. So... getting to the point. Today's star: Viscer... and his goats.

Hide your Pillowcases!
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